Troilos and Cressida

Troilus and Cressida

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English version available in 2013
Greek version is available now!

Approximately 3,000 years, three thefts and at least two great writers were needed in order to write the book you now are holding in your hands.

The tale begins in Greece in the 8th century BC, when Homer wrote The Iliad, stealing ideas from legends about the martial virtues of the Ancient Greeks and from mythology, which said that there were twelve gods who acted like boys playing football and like girls falling in love and often bursting into tears.

The second theft was by the amazing and fantastic William Shakespeare in England around 1600. There, the greatest writer of the modern world read Homer’s stories, which had just been translated into his language for the first time, and was fascinated by the story of two young lovers whose love was born in the midst of the turmoil of the Trojan War. Troilus and Cressida was reborn as a play which, since then, has been performed all over the world.

The third writer, who wrote the book you are reading now, i.e. me, has read the tales of Homer and the plays of William many times. And, once the two sons he had gained from his marriage began to grow up, he decided to become what he had dreamed of since he was a child: a thief. In other words, an author.

So he began to rewrite the same story of these two lovers, who belong to opposing camps, changing it slightly… Instead of a war, the children are playing football, and instead of Troy, their love blossoms in a seaside hotel complex where the two opposing teams have come to relax and practice before their match against each other.

Some stories never end…

Imagine a luxurious hotel complex built in a beautiful secluded bay. In front of the rooms, which are built as small separate houses with gardens, stretches an enormous sandy beach. To the left hand side of the beach there are large rocks that form natural hiding places for lovers in the summer.

The hotel has a large central swimming pool, and a smaller one for children. There are also tennis courts, two large fully-equipped gyms, two football pitches, a hairdressers, a gift shop, an exhibition hall and, of course, two bars and a massive restaurant.

The two teams, the greens and the reds, have come to this earthly paradise. As well as the teams, the parents of some of the boys have seized the opportunity to come and relax, and other parents have brought their daughters, classmates of the players who wanted more than anything to come and support them.

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