The Unmatchables

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Available in 2014

“The Unmatchables” are Nicolas, Odysseus and a man who goes by the code name “Dad” – not to mention that he is, in fact, their actual dad.

The Unmatchables’ greatest enemy is an ugly, toothless old woman, code name “Ania”, who can transform herself into a thousand and one different things: a sofa in front of the television, boring books, a stupid kids’ film full of violence, the tedium holidays…

In this bloody battle, the Unmatchables use their most deadly weapons: creativity, imagination, humour, unconventionality and the hidden beauty of forgotten things…

Read about how a whole treasure chest can fit into a freezer; what you can do with the things everyone else throws away; how to spend a whole Sunday in a a tent in the garden; which birds the feathers in our pillows come from; how to wash your car with dragon tongues… and many more things that will come to life before your eyes with unmatchable drawings.

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