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(and for those who should become children again to correct a few things…)

This book aims to give children of 10-12 years and over advice that is supposed to be implicit in the guidance of their teachers and parents, but in an unconventional and humorous manner.

Through these short, easily-comprehensible texts, which are full of examples and encouragements for how children can confirm the goals they choose in real life, particularly through the family, Nietzsche turns teacher to show them that:

  • No-one can be happy all the time.
  • The greatest hidden treasure they can discover will be in their very own heads.
  • It is never possible for a person to be good at everything.
  • They should rejoice at their failures because they are the first step towards success.
  • Anything you want to say in anger today is better said tomorrow.
  • Nothing belongs entirely to us except our dreams.
  • Everyone finds life better when they stop comparing it with the lives of others.

Each of the above ideas has been selected from Nietzsche’s sayings and developed into its own short chapter, each one between 1000 and 2000 words.

The book will have an introduction to the life and works of the philosopher, simple practical instructions on how to use the book, and advice along the lines of: don’t be so sure that adults know many of the things in this book; try to teach someone one of the things you’ve learned in this book and/or advise your parents when you see that they are doing something that makes you think the opposite of what you are reading here.

Since I believe that this type of text should have the approval of specialists, the first texts have been tested by parents, teachers and child psychologists.

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