Me, the big Brother

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English version available in 2013
Greek version is available now!

 I, the elder

It is time for the elder son of the family of The Unmatchables to speak up; we’ve already met him in the two books of the series “Go to sleep already”, in the “Unmatchables” and “I’m not little…” where his younger brother was talking. He wants to solve certain mysteries that concern them all and he wants to tell the whole truth. Well, OK, not exactly the whole truth…

In the first story, he talks about his father who is an actor and, at the same time, takes part in four different plays written by his favourite playwrights which he has adapted for the stage. And by ‘at the same time’, we mean that on Saturdays he leaves the first theatre where he plays the part of Achilleus in Troilus and Chressida by Shakespeare and goes to the second theatre where he plays the part of Peer Gynt by Mr. Henrik Ibsen and then to another theatre where he becomes Vladimir in Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett and, late at night, exhausted, he ends up in another theatre where he plays the part of the child Holden in his own adaptation of The Catcher in the Rye by Jerome Salinger.

In the second story, father and son pretend they are writing a crime novel about the ancient statue of a pretty young girl that someone stole from the Acropolis Museum, try that for size! only in the end that someone had not exactly stolen it…

Then, the elder son reveals how he comes up with the stories he tells to his younger brother each and every night and his father’s relevant shenanigans.

Next comes a story with… If their mother, who is a teacher, ever found out that all three of them correct her students’ essays which she brings home… well, she might even throw them all out of the house or throw their dad out and bring home a new, normal father, not like the one dealt to them. It serves him right, it was his idea.

On another day, the three of them are bored stiff till they remember a game they used to play with some keys that, when you press them, reproduce the sound that the images on the keys are supposed to make. So, this way each of them makes up an “impossible” story…

And, as if all these revelations were not enough (yes, well, as if anyone would believe this is all true), the elder son also writes down one of his dreams for our sake. There were two brothers who stepped out of a painting on the wall where they lived and spent the night strolling around the other paintings of the house… I guess he does this to tell us that they have nice paintings in the house. Who knows?

Ha! In the last but one story, the two brothers catch their father red-handed: before telling them his stories, he shows them to his wife to correct them and tell him her opinion… who would have thought it? They read about the two copper statues-friends found in Italy and photocopy their mother’s note that reads: “good, but needs some improvements”. One never knows… someday they may need this piece of evidence.

And their stories end with Shakespeare about whom their father, once he gets started, can go on forever. To get even with him, they buy a bald Englishman doll and… please read on and tell me what you think about what they have in store for their poor father before they give it to him.

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