i’m not little!

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English version available in 2013
Greek version is available now!

In this book the hero is compiling his memoirs before he has even learned to read and write!

In a spontaneous but ungrammatical way, without paragraphs, full-stops or capital letters – just as he talks to his friends – he wants to share with the readers his fears, his worries, his hopes, his dreams and his aspirations, although he has no idea what those last ones are…

He remembers the past when he was a baby and everyone looked after him and gave him whatever he wanted, before they taught him that we have to say ‘please’ when we want something and ‘thank you’ if we are given it, but if we are not given it, we don’t say anything, nor do we kick the person who didn’t give it to us…

He has recorded all his experiences in the notebook he keeps hidden in his mind, from films he has seen, museums they begged him to go to, restaurants that have delicious chips, football lessons, the rotten old doctor with his poisonous, stinging vaccinations, theatrical performances with false knights, and the beach with the colourful little buckets whose colours don’t come out in the sandcastles you build with them…

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