The Knights of the Backwards Label (αγγλική έκδοση)

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In the six stories of this book, a father and his two sons (the elder one around 12 and the younger one around 6 years old) collect the labels from clothes because they have discovered that a secret treasure trove of colourful pictures is hidden on the back of them. This gives them the opportunity to tell each other short stories about the things the backwards labels make them think of, as well as the adventures this activity has led them on.

In an unconventional and humorous way, in the form of a dialogue, we see: how they would arrange an exhibition of these works of art supposedly painted by a deceased grandfather, the father’s lecture about their collection to pupils at a school, their email communications with worldwide members of the International Union of the Backwards Label that they have established, and their forays into the wardrobes of friends and relatives to add to their collection, as well as some of their other related activities.

Over time, they have discovered that the sort of label that interests them can be found not only in clothes, but also in hats, scarves, camera cases, mattresses, blankets and more. And this makes them dream up unbelievable stories, both about how they acquire the labels and about the tales they tell, inspired by these multicoloured examples of hidden beauty.

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